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Thanks to Earl and his team for the whole home generator. Install looks great and professional. Thanks for helping keep the lights on.

Brian S.

Home Owner

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Merging High-Quality Services with Exceptional Value

At APEC Electrical, we believe in offering more than just essential services. We aim to provide solutions that create a seamless synergy of quality and affordability. We maintain a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional services that thoroughly cover the diverse needs of all our clients.

Our wide range of electrical solutions extend far beyond routine inspections and maintenance efforts. We embark on every project with a meticulous approach, ensuring each needs, no matter how unique or complex, is met with the highest level of competency. Our highly trained and expertly skilled technicians demonstrate a remarkable understanding of the intricacies involved in each task, transforming the most challenging electrical issues into manageable solutions with unmatched proficiency.

We service both residential, commercial, and industrial establishments, adopting a tailored approach for every client. From ensuring your home’s light bulbs are optimally efficient to providing comprehensive electrical system management in commercial complexes, no pick of the bunch is too small, nor is any task too grand for our dedicated team.

Notably, our commitment extends beyond just delivery. We strive to provide an uncompromised level of efficiency, aiming for flawless functionality in every wire, every circuit, and every solution we implement. All these, we assure, come at unrivaled affordability, marking APEC Electrical as a prime example of high-quality electrical solutions that equally respects your budgetary needs.

Our Comprehensive Services Powering Your Everyday

Dedicated to powering your homes, businesses, and industrial spaces, the team at APEC Electrical offers an array of electrical services designed to foster efficiency, safety, and comfort. Reflecting our commitment to quality and safety, our multifaceted electrical solutions are customizable, catering to the diverse electrical needs across different sectors.

Industrial Maintenance and Installation

A crucial element in the productivity of any industrial facility is its electrical system. Recognizing this, our professionals deliver world-class electrical solutions to both maintain and modernize your industrial spaces. We combine innovative technologies with proven strategies, streamlining your operations and creating a safe and productive environment.

Electrical Inspections

Regular, thorough inspections of your electrical systems are indispensable to safeguard your premises and those within it. We conduct in-depth inspections to ensure your systems conform to all safety regulations and are operating at peak performance. Our approach not only ensures the current functionality but aids in preempting potential failures, fostering a safer, more reliable setup

Residential Service and Repair

We understand the importance of a well-functioning electrical system in your homes. Our residential services range from simple repairs to extensive electrical overhauls. No issue is too small or complex for our team dedicated to keeping your dwelling bright, secure, and comfortable.

Generators and Backup Systems

Interruptions in power supply can hinder operations and affect comfort levels. To mitigate such issues, we offer robust generator and backup system solutions. Our top-of-the-line systems ensure your homes and businesses continue to function seamlessly, no matter what circumstances arise.

Residential and Commercial Construction

From new constructions to extensive renovations, our services incorporate detailed planning, advanced solutions, and finest execution. For every project, we engineer electrical designs that marry state-of-the-art technology with your project's unique requirements. Our bespoke approach ensures electrical conveniences, enhanced safety, and superior aesthetics for your residential or commercial spaces.

Panel Upgrades and Replacements

As technology advances, electrical systems need to keep pace to ensure efficiency and safety. We help you navigate this constant evolution through our panel upgrade and replacement services. These solutions are designed to enhance your system's performance, reduce energy consumption, and increase safety, keeping you updated and efficient.

Ensure Electrical Safety For Your Home or Business

We are APEC Electrical, we're excited to have the opportunity to work with you. Contact us today to discover how we can work together to solve your electrical needs. Whether you're looking for electrical installation, repair, or have other electrical related work, our team of proven electrical technicians won't stop working until you're one-hundred percent satisfied with our service.

Addressing Overheated Circuit Breakers

Overheating circuit breakers pose safety risks. Our technicians promptly diagnose and rectify the issue, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

When Power Fails Despite a Functional Breaker

A functional breaker but no power can be perplexing. Trust APEC to pinpoint the root cause and restore consistent electrical flow swiftly.
Awesome company with great technicians! Showed up right on time and was so friendly and helpful I was blown away. Gave me some tips for installing a floodlight-camera to save me a few bucks. Ended up having him install it and learned a few pointers. Highly recommend.
Justin K.
Home Owner

APEC Electrical Excellence

We stand out in the industry because we meticulously select team members who meet our high benchmarks of excellence. Each member of our team has been chosen for their unparalleled electrical expertise and unwavering integrity. Every technician undergoes comprehensive background checks and is committed to ongoing training, ensuring their at the forefront of electrical advancements. To guarantee your electrical needs are addressed by an expert, reach out to APEC Electrical.

Discover Why We Stand Above the Rest

At APEC Electrical, we're not just an electrical service provider; we're a team that works tirelessly to make a difference in the space we operate, differentiating ourselves by the quality of our work and the value we deliver.

Choosing APEC Electrical Specialists, Inc. for your electrical requirements equates to aligning with a reliable partner, evident in the unmatched value we deliver:

Prowess Personified

Our skilled electricians aren't just service professionals; they are the masters of their trade. Equipped with extensive experience and ever-evolving knowledge, they effectively cater to the diverse needs of our clientele, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for electrical excellence.

Versatile Solutions

Spanning across residential, commercial, and industrial settings, our service offerings are as broad as they are bespoke. Regardless of the sector, our commitment to delivering high-quality, personalized electrical solutions reigns supreme.

Alacrity & Efficiency

We understand that time is of the essence in today's fast-paced world. To that end, our services feature prompt response times, swift executions, and efficient solutions, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine or business operations.

Unsurpassed Customer Care

At APEC Electrical, we believe that our work goes beyond electrical installations and repairs. Each interaction is anchored by our dedication to excellent customer service, placing your satisfaction at the center of our operations.

Value for Money

Our competitive rates reflect our belief in affordability without compromise. With us, quality service doesn't necessitate a hefty price tag, further evidencing the exceptional value we're committed to delivering.

Safety & Quality Compliance

As devoted electrical solution providers, we place an enormous emphasis on safety and the adherence to industry standards. Our services are conscientiously designed to meet and exceed safety codes, ensuring the well-being of our customers and the longevity of our installations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does APEC Electrical offer?

APEC Electrical provides a comprehensive range of services including industrial maintenance, electrical inspections, installation of generators and backup systems, residential service and repair, panel upgrades and replacements, and electrical solutions for residential and commercial construction.

How can APEC Electrical help with residential service and repair?

From minor repairs to major overhauls, APEC Electrical's team ensures your homes are well lit and secure. They provide well-informed, safe, and effective electrical solutions for all your residential needs.

Are the technicians at APEC Electrical licensed and insured?

Yes, all the technicians at APEC Electrical are licensed and insured to ensure professional and reliable services for all your electrical needs.

Does APEC Electrical work on new construction and renovation projects?

Yes, APEC Electrical provides tailored electrical solutions for both new constructions and renovations for residential and commercial properties.

Does APEC Electrical offer emergency services?

Yes, APEC Electrical offers emergency services to promptly address any sudden electrical issues that might affect your home or business.

Why should I choose APEC Electrical for my electrical needs?

APEC Electrical stands out for its commitment to customer satisfaction, excellent service, and competitive rates. Their rigorously trained and professional electricians, wide service offerings, and dedication to safety and quality compliance make them a reliable choice for all your electrical needs.

What measures does APEC Electrical take for safety and quality compliance?

APEC Electrical prioritizes safety and quality in all their services. Their practices comply with industry safety standards, ensuring efficient functioning and longevity of all electrical installations.

Does APEC Electrical offer services for generator and backup system installations?

Yes, APEC Electrical ensures your homes and businesses keep running smoothly even in the event of a power outage with their reliable generator and backup system installation services.

What sectors does APEC Electrical serve?

APEC Electrical provides services across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, keeping your homes, businesses, and industrial spaces well-powered and safe.

How experienced is the team at APEC Electrical?

The team at APEC Electrical is made up of seasoned professionals who are rigorously trained and consistently updated on the latest trends and techniques in the electrical industry.

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Great experience with APEC installing wiring for our AC. Karl was very professional and friendly. Explained what he was doing, even went above and beyond to explain other aspects of our wiring. I especially appreciated that he communicated well when he was going to arrive and what he was doing. Overall great experience. Will use APEC again and definitely will request Karl Bates!
Angela Montague
Working with Carl was a dream. He is very skilled and professional. I cannot recommend him enough! He was quick and responsive in our communications and walked me through the work he had done and answered all my questions. I will definitely be calling APEC Electrical for all my future electrical needs.
Jeremy Taylor
I was very pleased with the work APEC Electric did in our home. We had them run a 220 Volt wire to the garage, install an attic fan, and some other wiring needs. Hanna was great to work with, and did efficient, professional and excellent work. We will be using APEC Electric for all our future electric needs.
Carl Ekman

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